Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological Safety

NSF 49 (Class II type A2): Biosafety Cabinetry – Design, Construction, Performance and Field Certification.

EN 12469 (Class II): Biotechnology – Performance criteria for microbiological safety cabinets.

  • Double-wall cabinet structures. Contaminated area surrounded with negative pressure to fully prevent leakage of contaminated air.
  • Innovative surrounded air intake grill design. All contaminated air in the work area is enclosed inside the cabinet. No safety dead end; the safety of personnel is never compromised.
  • The ECM brushless DC motor Best Energy efficiency.
  • Supply/Exhaust HEPA filter 99.99% efficiency @0.3 micron (Class H14)
  • Ergonomic 10 degree angle window design, reduces discomfort over long-term use of limbs and eye-strain.
  • 6mm anti-ultraviolet tempered glass.
  • 10 performance & safety tests before leaving the factory under strict quality control process.