Glassware Washers & Glassware Dryers

STERIS offers a wide range of high-quality glassware washers and glassware dryers for effective process cleaning. This includes automated washers to clean lab glassware in research-intensive settings as well as glassware washers and dryers to clean critical components used in biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

All of our models provide unmatched flexibility and maximized productivity. STERIS glassware washers and dryers assure a consistent high level of performance, while keeping energy consumption to a strict minimum.

Reliance® 100 Series Laboratory Glassware Washers

The three different easy-to-use models are designed for research laboratories. Available as freestanding or under-counter units, the washers clean typical lab items, ranging from wide-mouth to narrow-neck glassware.

Reliance® 300XLS Laboratory Glassware Washers

Quickly washes and dries lab glassware in research facilities and laboratories. The efficient, cabinet-style glassware laboratory dishwasher features a space-saving footprint and holds small, medium, and large items.

Reliance® 280PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washer

Efficiently washes glassware and critical components used in biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing. It simultaneously holds up to two mixed loads of laboratory glassware, increasing productivity.

Reliance® 380PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washer

For biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing, this glassware washing machine simultaneously holds up to three mixed loads of laboratory glassware and critical components, increasing productivity.

Reliance® 480PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washer

This higher capacity laboratory washer can simultaneously process up to four mixed loads of glassware, vessels, filling line components, and exchange parts in various shapes and sizes for biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Reliance® 680PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washer

A high-performance cleaning system for laboratories that increases productivity and turnaround time by washing a wide range of critical components, such as filling line machine parts, tanks, containers, and glassware, all in the same load.

Reliance® 980PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washer

A high-performance mechanical washer and dryer for large components used in biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing, such as large vessels, drums, pallets, blenders, hoppers, packaging machine parts, glassware, and more.

Reliance® 400/500XLS Laboratory GlasswareWashers

Large-capacity glassware washer and dryer systems that maximize productivity. The wash chambers in both models easily hold various sizes of laboratory glassware, reducing the number of loads needed to process daily requirements.

Reliance® 1024 & 1034 Laboratory Glassware Dryers

Fully automatic glassware dryers for research and quality-control laboratories. Optional features include an adjustable digital cycle timer, adjustable temperature controller, and manifold drying system to increase performance and efficiency.