AIMS™ has been working with lab animal users and scientists on their lab animal identification needs since 1979. Our extensive experience in animal tattoo identification allows our customers to easily and quickly apply tattoo identification when managing animal colonies and conducting sophisticated research experiments.

Over the years, AIMS™ has developed tattooing systems that are easy to use, cost effective and most importantly, a tattoo system that produces permanent identification tattoos. Lab animal tattooing is our only business.

AIMS™ is well known in the industry for: 

  • Custom heavy duty equipment developed just for lab animal tattooing.
  • Tattooing pigments which are safe and effective in lab animals.
  • Tattooing techniques that are humane and minimize pain and stress.
  • Quality, easy to read, permanent tattoos.
  • Rapid equipment service and repair.
  • Extended equipment warranty and service plans available.
  • GLP compliant tattoo certification programs (at time of purchase or after).
  • Unlimited technical support.