About TSE Systems

TSE Systems is based on a long tradition, its roots tracing back to scientific glassware making in Thuringia, starting in 1886. After WW2, the company relocated to the Rhein-Main-Area. Expanding from pure glassware making into medical and pharmaceutical research instrumentation, in-house developments and acquisitions of other companies led to a diversification to physiological research instruments, inhalation toxicology systems, and behavioral and metabolic research systems.

TSE´s core competence is in the design, construction and installation of highly automated, modular high-throughput research systems.

The PhenoMaster is a combined behavioral, metabolic and physiological research platform, with activity measurement, drinking/ feeding/ body weight analysis, operant learning and metabolism/indirect calorimetry modules. Energy expenditure and substrate utilization are calculated continuously (continuous system) or at defined temporal intervals (multiplexed system) in both, PULL or PUSH mode for any given period of time. Synchronized with behavior and/or physiology modules, these metabolic measurements provide unique phenotype specific insights supported by a unified software package. This is the most versatile and innovative home cage based lab animal research system on the market.

The PhenoWorld Concept is a new era of rodent phenotyping. Multiple housings/ test arenas/ home cages can be connected to build one integrative multiarena high-throughput phenotyping platform that is fully automated. Transponderized animals are group housed in an enriched environment in a most natural way. Automated AnimalGates identify individuals before they move through connection tunnels and permit selective access to different arenas - each arena may be equipped with any one or a combination of PhenoMaster module(s).

 The Multi Conditioning System is a comprehensive solution for rodent emotional assessment, comprising a large variety of paradigms such as Fear conditioning, Active/Passive Avoidance, Learned Helplessness (LH), and Latent Inhibition on one unique hardware- and software platform. Flexibility, versatility and an excellent price-performance ratio are key features of this modular system unparalleled by any other system on the market.

IntelliCage is a revolutionary operant learning center for group-housed mice or rats, offering supreme animal-welfare and thus data reliability. With its four operant learning corners, a number of classical standalone paradigms become obsolete.

The MotoRater is the only automated comprehensive kinematic analysis system on the market. It serves as a tool to investigate disease models or lesions associated with motor behavior alterations and the quality as well as the quantity of data provided ensures that even the most minute effects are reliably captured.

Stellar Telemetry has been introduced as a high-performance implantable activity, pressure, tidal volume, ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG and temperature measurement system for rats with unique long-range and long-term transmission and logging properties. It is particularly useful for large groups of animals housed in the same cage, or for applications previously thought unsuitable for telemetry, such as inhalation exposure systems.

Inhalation Exposure Systems integrate our experience in designing and manufacturing components with variable use, and consulting strength on system assembly and installation prerequisites.

TSE Systems Service Group is carrier of hallmark excellence in customer service, with 24/7 telephone and email hotline and 2 Year All-In Warranty and Service Package.