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Based on the results of recent EU research projects, and on our extensive experience with in-vivo phenotyping and test equipment, TSE Systems has developed the PhenoWorld concept in close collaboration with several leading research institutions.

PhenoWorld is a unique combinatorial research approach, integrating ideas and solutions implemented in our PhenoMaster behavioral and metabolic home cage monitoring platform with those of the IntelliCage system by NewBehavior, connected by automatic AnimalGates, and combining these with paradigms from the Multi Conditioning approach. This results in a variety of completely novel systems and possible experimental set-ups.


Exercise Respirometry

  • Device for high precision calorimetry exercise evaluation in rats and mice
  • Air tight compartment for high accuracy respirometry


The TSE CaloTreadmill System is a fully computerized electronically controlled system to investigate exercise calorimetry in mice and rats. CaloTreadmills are enclosed by an air-tight transparent housing that can be connected to a fully automated indirect gas calorimetry system (CaloSys) operated by PhenoMaster software. Calorimetric parameters, such as oxygen consumption (VO2), carbon dioxide production (VCO2), respiratory exchange rate (RQ) and energy expenditure (EE) are determined at fixed temporal intervals while the test animal is moving according to an experimenter-defined activity profile.