Stellar Telemetry

Wireless Monitoring

The freedom to move anywhere, anytime and still collect your data
  • Collects data anytime, even when outside the up to 5m normal transmission range
  • Data memory in transmitter, no data dropouts
  • Catheter tipped solid-state pressure sensor (eliminates slow frequency response, head pressure, noise)
  • Remote programming and control of implanted transmitter
  • One receiver for multiple animals (maximum flexibility, cost-efficient)
  • Economic (transmitter can be re-implanted)
  • Dedicated software Biopac Acqknowledge or NOTOCORD-hemTM Evolution (GLP compatible)

Stellar Telemetry is the newest generation of implantable telemetry technology, allowing you to collect vital signs while performing phenotypical, physiological, pharmacological, behavioral, metabolic and inhalation studies in and outside of your facility. An unlimited number of animals can be monitored by one receiver, facilitating group housing and social interaction studies while monitoring individual animals without having to place a receiver under each cage.

Due to the flexibility in programming the Stellar battery life allows for unsurpassed lengths of recording time with the batteries lasting on average 4 times longer than current systems. The disposable Stellar transmitters can be resterilized and reused as many times as needed and will maintain flexibility and accuracy throughout.

Neurologger by New Behavior

EEG Data Logger
  • Suitable for EEG recording during behavioral testing
  • Wireless technology allows recordings in freely moving animals and social settings
  • Long-term recording

NeuroLogger is a truly unique and elegant solution for wireless recording of EEG activity in animals as small as mice. The NeuroLogger can be used in freely moving animals performing a variety of behavioral paradigms as well as in the field of animal models for epilepsy and sleep disorders.

The NeuroLogger can be easily used in combination with behavioral and metabolic analysis systems such as the PhenoMaster / LabMaster.