Steam Sterilizer

STERIS Life Sciences is a longstanding expert in industrial steam sterilization.  STERIS offer a variety of high-quality steam sterilizer machines that eliminate living organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and spores. Our industrial autoclaves are designed to provide reliable performance in challenging biotechnology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, research, and laboratory applications.

AMSCO LS Series Medium Laboratory Steam Sterilizer

STERIS’ AMSCO 430LS and 630LSLS Medium Steam Sterilizers are energy efficient, flexible, easy to use and highly reliable. Twenty preprogrammed cycles and sturdy construction help satisfy the most challenging laboratory applications. This Series is available in various chamber sizes and door configurations:

– AMSCO 430LS: 26 x 26 x 39, 49 or 61” (660 x 660 x 991, 1245 or 1549 mm) with vertical automatic sliding door
– AMSCO 630LS: 26 x 37.5 x 42, 54 or 66” (660 x 953 x 1067, 1372 or 1676 mm) with manual hinged or horizontal sliding door.

Finn-Aqua GLP Research Steam Sterilizers

Component sterilizer designed for moist heat sterilization of heat-and moisture-stable materials used in scientific applications, including laboratory glassware/plastic-ware, cages, racks, bottles, bedding, feed, and waste bags as well as liquids in vented or sealed rigid containers.

Popular Models:

  • FINN-AQUA 77
  • FINN-AQUA 55
Finn-Aqua GMP Bio Pharma Sterilizer (BPS)

Electric sterilizer for applications such as sterile room supply, media preparation,and terminal sterilization of hard goods, vented liquids, and sealed packaged liquids in biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, biotech research, and development facilities.

Popular Models:

  • 6912-N-D-C-BPS-S7
  • 91515-N-D-C-BPS-AB
AMSCO LSS Large Steam Sterilizer

Designed to process laboratory animal caging systems, hard goods, porous loads,and liquid loads in vented and non-vented containers, while maximizing productivity, flexibility, safety,and reliability.

Popular Models:

  • LSS 91521
  • LSS 91821
  • LSS 92121
  • LSS 121821
  • LSS 122121
  • LSS 152121
  • LSS 182121
AMSCO LS Series Small Steam Sterilizers

Small, reliable steam sterilizer machines designed for fast and efficient sterilization of heat-and moisture-stable materials used in laboratory, industrial and scientific applications.

Popular Models:

  • AMSCO 110LS
  • AMSCO 250LS