Yakos65, a registered brand of Chung Fu Technical Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976. Over the past 40 years of operation, Yakos65 has heavily relied on excellent R&D capabilities and strong manufacturing process. Yakos65 has developed a formidable range of high quality laboratory products and an accumulation of laboratory-built performance achievements; including laboratory planning and design, lab furniture, laboratory animal products, clean room, and zebra fish housing room. ‘Chung Fu’ has become an acclaimed laboratory product manufacturer, renown among colleges’ institutions, research centers, hospitals, electronic semiconductor companies and pharmaceutical companies in Taiwan and overseas.


Yakos65 meets international standards, regulations and industry criteria’s for quality policies, including an integrated product development procedure, procurement, manufacturing, assembly, inspection, packaging, sales and service. Each step of the process adheres to strict quality control to ensure total customer satisfaction, from start to finish. As a true testament of Yakos65’s dedication to pioneering technological breakthroughs, it developed the first Asian flammable safety storage cabinet certified by FM Approvals and a biological safety cabinet certified by NSF.

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